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Road Trip – Oregon

(Ok,  so this post is month’s overdue, but better late than never, right?) After my visit to Lake Tahoe, I was supposed to spend a day or two in Klamath Falls, but I ended up passing through because of an upcoming snow storm. I did a straight shot from Lake Tahoe to Eugene, a nine…

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Road trip – Lake Tahoe

After I published Awakened by Sin I took off. After a hard year and an equally difficult book, I was emotionally and mentally drained. I needed to get away from my desk, away from my house, the ping of emails, the slew of reviews, and endless list of things to do. I needed the open…

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Offline Traveling and Writing

I wanted to make a formal announcement that I will be offline traveling and writing. I have been overwhelmed with the positive response to Awakened by Sin! I couldn’t be happier! Before I start writing book 5 I need to take some time off to fill my well by wandering and visiting family. I will…

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