It’s finally here! Hooray! Gah, you have no idea how much grief this cover has given me! I had a cover made shortly after I wrote the first draft of Bitter Heat. It wasn’t until I reread the manuscript that I started having doubts about the direction I had taken. I asked some friends what they thought the story was about based on the cover. Two of them said “cowboy.” Yeah, no. It was all wrong!

I wanted to do something totally different, so I approached a new cover designer to do something more abstract. Weeks passed and she was having a lot of personal issues and reassured me she would get it to me in time, but with my deadline approaching at breakneck speed, I couldn’t wait any longer. I was referred to Daqri Bernardo who does Covers by Coombs and she was AMAZING! I am so happy with this cover and relieved that she got back to me so quickly! The cover is gorgeous and will make more sense once you read the book!

And yes, to everyone who has been asking me if it’s a series- it is. I tried to stuff everything into one book, but it wasn’t possible. I love exploring all the dark corners and this book has many. On March 29, 2019, welcome to my Singed Series!

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