After I published Awakened by Sin I took off. After a hard year and an equally difficult book, I was emotionally and mentally drained. I needed to get away from my desk, away from my house, the ping of emails, the slew of reviews, and endless list of things to do. I needed the open road, a new scene, and quiet.

I’ve done several road trips, never by myself. My sister lives in Oregon and I hadn’t seen her for a year, so I decided to pack up my doggies and visit. I had no idea how long I was going to be gone and vague ideas of where I would stay. I tried to stay open and just do what felt right in the moment.

My first stop was Lake Tahoe. I felt like I had to stay here because the drive from Las Vegas was so damn far- 7 hours just to reach Reno and that’s without stopping for gas, potty breaks, and getting stuck behind big rigs or RV’s. So, let’s say 8 hours of driving. That’s a lot and I was still in Nevada and only halfway to my sister’s place.

I decided to spend a few days in Tahoe before I continued on my trek to Oregon. I was scrolling through Airbnb and came across a view that made my heart skip. This house on the lake made my imagination pulse with ideas and the view made my writer’s heart sing. I had to stay there! When I arrived, it was snowing, which I didn’t anticipate. Also, I failed to see how difficult it would be for the dogs since the house is built into a hill and there was no grass. I was amazed at how quickly the dogs adapted. They learned to go on the slopes and by the third day were hopping like agile billy goats up the hill, thank God. Here are some pictures of the coveted view:

I didn’t know that Lake Tahoe has a noise ordinance. This has to be the quietest place I’ve ever been and it had a therapeutic effect on me. I lounged, slept, ate, and started to relax. I watched 3 out of 4 sunrises and propped my feet on the railing and let myself mentally drift. Life seems simple when it’s quiet, there’s bad internet and phone service, and the water is so still that it reflects the sky.

Here’s a cute pic of my puppy, Koi, enjoying the moment:

I’m so glad I visited. I would love to come back in winter. I can imagine being holed up in a cabin, watching the snow fall on the lake as I write. This was definitely a highlight of my trip and a great way to start off my road trip!


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