Ah, so we come to the dreaded love triangle! Many people don’t care for love triangles, myself included. I was Team Jacob and stopped reading when Edward came back so I understand as a reader. LOL.

I never intended for this story to be a love triangle, but in my Facebook group, the “Captives” kept bringing up the pros and cons for each guy and why both of them would be perfect for her… and they were right. This made me want to give both Marcus and Angel a shot. What I didn’t anticipate is what a huge headache it would be to write a love triangle. It sucks! If you give each guy a real shot, it’s like writing two romances in one. It made everything SO much more complicated. Many, MANY drafts later, I think I struck a good balance.

Marcus and Angel are perfect for Carmen in different ways. It all comes down to what type of life she wants. The deeper I got into the story and each man, the more I flip-flopped and panicked, because at times I wasn’t sure… This happened to me with Crime Lord’s Captive as well. Lyla wasn’t supposed to stay with Gavin, but mid-way through I decided to scrap my original idea and go with the anti-hero. I HATE when I’m unsure of who she ends up with  because that makes all my previous work moot.

Carmen is the exact opposite of Lyla. She’s wild, crazy, and lets it all hang out. She is definitely gonna cause a ruckus- and I fucking love it! She does what she wants, when she wants. She is gonna ruffle some feathers and turn some people off with her antics, but others will relate and cheer her on. She is a female alpha, a daughter of the underworld, and she takes no prisoners… and she is gonna lead whoever wants her on a merry chase.

Enjoy the ride, y’all! We have less than a week left. It’s gonna be epic! Don’t forget, I’m having an amazing line up of authors at my release party on March 29, 3-9PM EST. Games, giveaways, fun with authors and readers. What more could you want? Join HERE! 

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