I need an outlet, so why not a blog? Haha. I may not be consistent, but for those who are interested, this will be a behind the scenes of a writer’s life. I may not post regularly, but I will when I have something to say, which is better than rambling and wasting everyone’s time.

I felt the need to blog because I made a huge decision this week. I decided to move back to Las Vegas AKA Sin City. I lived there in my early 20s and worked at several casinos on the Strip. I spent 3 years there and moved to Texas and then Hawaii. I’ve been in Hawaii for 4 years, which has allowed me to write and build up my career. Living in Las Vegas heavily influenced my work (obviously) and I think it’s time to return to this desert oasis. Living in Hawaii is great (I’m from here, BTW), but I think it’s a bit too small and remote and I want to travel (anyone love roadtrips? Yahoo!). I would also like to attend some conferences in the future and I want the conveniences of city living and anonymity (did I say I live in a small town? I can’t go to the post office or store without running into someone I know).

I’m due for a change. I’m leaving at the end of July, which doesn’t give me too much or too little time to get my life in order. Things are a bit hectic right now, but I am very excited! This does impact my writing, but I think this move will actually speed up my flow once I get set up since I won’t have as much distractions as I do here. I am worried, ecstatic and relieved. I’ve been thinking about this move for months and now that I’ve made the decision I feel freakishly calm so I know it’s what I’m supposed to do.

Wish me luck, guys and I’ll keep you all posted!

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